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Cobbled Streets of Paris

March 1st, 2005 Posted in General

My alarm went off at 7am on sunday morning. Opening the window, looking at the snow on the trees and the wet icy ground, I decide I must be mad to venture out at this time in the morning. 2 hours later however, I’m glad I made it. Its a glorious, if cold, winter morning, and as we meet at Porte de la Villette, I’m glad that I made the effort.

I’ve been living in Paris for 8 years now, but there are still parts of the city that I don’t know. This months Two Feet walk traversed the city from La Villette in the north, to parc montsouris in the south, following the FFRP “Paris a Pied” guide, the route traversed Paris from north to south, passing from narrow alleys to the widest Boulevards, visiting parks, famous and less well known monuments. I thought I knew Paris fairly well, but it seems there is still a lot to discover.


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