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The world’s ugliest buildings

November 15th, 2008 Posted in General

Virtual Tourist have just published a press release listing (in their opinion) the worlds ugliest buildings. While you can argue with their choice (I quite like Liverpool Cathedral and I don’t find Tour Montparnasse in Paris that much of an eyesore), it’s a shame they didn’t spend ore time promoting the article on their site. the link from the article at Yahoo ! went straight to the reuters site, and I had to spend a few minutes on VirtualTourist before I found the press release. It would have been nice to have the article promoted in the virtual tourist home page, with links to photos on their site. Yet another missed opportunity I guess.

Hmm what to do today. As I’m in Barcelona, I think I’ll have lunch at Quimet & Quimet, a wonderful little tapas bar in Poble Sec. Or maybe I’ll just spend the rest of the morning looking out over Plaça Vicenç Martorell here at Chelo, with another one of their amazing fruit juices.

Back to work on monday. What joy!


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