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September Challenge : Learn Portuguese

September 3rd, 2013 Posted in languages, portuguese

I’m going to be spending a long weekend in Lisbon in October and thought it would be interesting to see how much Portuguese I can learn in the next few weeks. I’ve been to Portugal several times before and each time I regret not being able to converse with the locals. After 2 weeks in the Azores a few years ago I managed to communicate using Spanish with (what was probably a rather bad approximation to a) Portuguese accent along with a few basic Portuguese words thrown in, but the result wasn’t pretty, although it got me a few smiles along the way.

Ok, so I’m not planning on becoming fluent in 5 weeks (well it would be nice, if a little unrealistic…). The idea is to try out various language learning sites, tools and methods and see what works for me. I’ll be spending an hour a day (if I can motivate myself) and reporting back here on my progress.

My first step was changing the language on my phone, which is always amusing. My phone has been in German for a while now, but I get the impression that I already understand more in Portuguese than I did with a German iPhone, after 2 years of learning German. Next step, basic vocabulary. I think I’ll start with DuoLingo, as I love their ‘Gamification’ of language learning.

40 hours to go…


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